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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Windows 7 & "Error 1303: Installer Has Insufficient Privileges to Access This Directory"

The biggest criticism of all time for Microsoft’s Windows Operating System that the architecture is very unsafe. Microsoft Company in fact accepted this fact and tried to improve and come up with multiuser design with more secure feature in Windows 7. Then, it caused a new problem that come up with improved security feature that is ERROR 1303: “Installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory”. This message flashes when trying to install the software for all on a system.You can also read Diebold's latest system practicedwith Windows 7 .
Windows 7 & "Error 1303: Installer Has Insufficient Privileges to Access This Directory"

Multiuser Design

This error is caused due to Windows 7 using a multiuser architecture. This architecture helps the operating system to improve the security by dividing the system’s share to a user. By limiting the important files to the admin and also limiting the user authentication to that user and admin only, this architecture mainly lessen the damage caused to the system by user’s downloading in his account.

"Insufficient Privileges to Access This Directory"

When a user or admin runs an installer, he is actually modifying the system files. No user will  install virus in the system knowingly, but he have to compromise to download the necessary software. Normal users have the authority to edit their account files, which authority is provided by the admin. If the admin has not provided access to the user for a  given folder then he can’t be able to install the software there.

Folder Permissions

Windows 7, having feature of “user groups” and single user. User groups are admin units and the system admin can authorize a certain authority to the users who are the members of that group, there the grant is given to the whole group. A normal user are the identity of the Everyone group, and so that user can only modify the files that have full control permission to this Everyone group.

Administrator Accounts

Admin account is that account who can modify any area o the system, grant the permission to the user or also add  a user to the  user group that can be provided with the privileges. Admin can install the programs or software that can be used by the user on the system. It is mainly because of the reason that Admin has the permission to alter any directory , so they will never receive the error message number 1303. 

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