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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Diebold's latest system practiced with Windows 7

Diebold broadcast on Tuesday that its newest application platform for ATM has practiced on Windows 7 Operating System.

Diebold's latest system practiced with Windows 7The Diebold Company said that the Agilis 3 ATM application has open construction design that diminishes the time and the total expenses on applying the advance features such as brand element, text messages and also email alerts and setting up the choice selecting-via ATM channel.

“This software will help the financial institutions to adapt and increase the client’s use of the ATM” as per the company. The application also works on multi –channel software, it means the client can start a transaction from one channel and will run the transaction in the different channel.

“The open design of the software helps the ATM to do transaction with other banking channels also like a mobile device etc.”, this is said by the Vice president for North America operation of the Company.
Again Vice president said in the press release “We are eager to help our clients be up to date with consumer technology and best utilize their self-service channel”.

Economic institution can also use Agilis 3 to make adjustment in their ATM system that will improve their self service system. Diebold said that the application has been checked and trusted by many network processors around the world like US, that includes First Data, Elan Financial Services, Fiserv, NetWorks and Vantiv.

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