Windows Home Premium Vs. Professional

At the time of book, Microsoft Windows 7 is Windows latest Operating System for PCs. Available in six editions, two of the lower-end editions are the House Top quality, which are installed on mid-range PCs; and the Expert, which is geared towards computer systems used by small company users. Although Microsoft Windows 7 House Top quality and Expert share several features, there are a few things that set them apart.You can also read How To Find Windows 7 Drivers

Windows Home Premium Vs. ProfessionalMain Features

As with past versions of Microsoft windows, both Microsoft windows 7 Home Top quality and Expert offer standard functions such as search and task cafes, system recover and start-up repair, and efficiency accessories such as finance calculator and Wordpad. The operating-system also have the Internet Traveler internet browser and HomeGroup for discussing data between PCs in a home-based network. Microsoft contributes a few more functions to the Expert version such as XP Method for in reverse interface of business software with Microsoft windows XP and Remote Desktop computer Connection for personal computer access without working the personal computer itself.


Microsoft windows 7 Home Premium and Expert both have a back-up and recover feature for your most important files, Microsoft windows Firewall program and Defensive player for protection against viruses and unwanted software, parent manages for controlling child use of the PC and Certification Manager for saving information required for logging in to websites or personal computer systems such as user name and passwords. Microsoft adds back-up for PC systems to Microsoft windows 7 Expert.


The Home Premium and Professional versions of Microsoft Windows 7 have Windows Press Center, an program that combines digital multimedia functions such as music and movie playback, tv shows and CD/DVD recording into a central home-entertainment hub. The program consist of Windows Press Player 12, which is the program that plays movie and audio, as well as serves as an interface for viewing images. Other entertainment-focused features consist of Multiplayer games and media loading enhancers such as Play To and Remote Press Streaming.

Information Technology Accommodation

Because Microsoft windows 7 Expert is promoted to corporate customers, Microsoft includes functions that are a little more specific for working environments, particularly for technology professionals responsible for supervising their organization's PC program. With Microsoft windows 7 Expert, customers can access offline data files or recover data files even if one is outside the personal computer network; use the Encrypting File System to protect hard drive data; and possess Group Policy manages for business-wide management and problem solving tasks. All these functions are not available with the Microsoft windows 7 Home Premium Operating system.


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