Microsoft Windows 7 Security Features

The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft makes easier computer security, making it simpler for you to prevent damage caused by malware, spyware and other malware. Microsoft windows seven also features an enhanced back-up solution to help keep your information safe, and its enhanced parent manages help you protect your family.You can also read Windows Home Premium Vs. Professional

Microsoft Windows 7  Security featuresThe Activity Center

The Action Center security information at your fingertips.The new Microsoft Windows 7 Action Middle in the Control Board allows you make sure that your firewall program is on, your anti-virus software is up up to now, and your computer is set to set up up-dates instantly.

Secure your data from robbery, online hackers, and random loss

BitLocker Generate Security encrypts your Windows hard drive to help keep records, security passwords, and other important information safe. Once you turn on BitLocker, any information file that you save on that drive is secured instantly.
Microsoft company windows Firewall program can also help secure your computer from online hackers and harmful software. With Microsoft company windows seven, the built-in firewall is more versatile and easier to use than before.The Microsoft company back-up system is also enhanced for Microsoft company windows seven. Backup and Recover makes duplicates of your most important information, so you're always prepared for the most severe. For more information, see Backup and restore.

Protect your laptop or computer against spyware, virous, and other malware

Microsoft company Protection Requirements is a download free for Microsoft company windows 7 that allows secure your laptop or computer from viruses, malware, worms, Trojans, and other malware. For more information, see Help secure your PC with Microsoft company Protection Requirements.Microsoft Windows 7 also includes Microsoft company windows Defensive player, application that allows secure your laptop or computer from pop-up ads, slow performance, and security threats caused by malware and other unwanted application. For more information, see Using Microsoft company windows Defensive player.

Decrease risk by improving protection and control

Microsoft Windows 7 makes it much simpler and less invasive to run your pc as a standard customer instead of as an administrator. Windows Vista introduced User Account Control, a function that warned you when a program wanted to make a change on your pc. Windows seven improves on this function, which means you’ll get the same level of protection, but with fewer messages than before.


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