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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How To Run Windows Update In Windows 7

Using Microsoft windows  Upgrade in Microsoft windows 7 keeps your laptop and parsonal computer more secure. Microsoft regularly produces up-dates and security repairs. By running these up-dates, you are keeping your Microsoft windows laptop or computer safe from malware, spyware and malware. With Microsoft windows Upgrade, you have the ability to download up-dates and choose when to install, instantly have up-dates applied, examine for up-dates only and/or never examine for up-dates.You can also read Business Computer Requirements In Window 7

How to Run Windows Update in Windows 7 Instructions

        1.Just click "Start," "All Program" "Windows Upgrade." Alternatively, you can select the "Start" orb and type Windows Upgrade in the instant search box. Windows Upgrade appears in the list for you to choose.

        2.Click "Check for updates;" it is situated on the left hand-side of the open screen. Microsoft Windows 7 starts verifying for up-dates. They are classified as important and optionally available.

        3.Simply select the "Important Update" weblink and choose all that implement. Once you are completed selecting your essential up-dates, click "OK."

        4.Simply select the "Optional Update" weblink and select all that implement. Once you are completed selecting your important up-dates, click "OK."

        5.Click "Install up-dates." Microsoft Windows 7 downloading your up-dates and sets up them. A restart of your computer is required once the upgrade process is complete.

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