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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How To Download Windows 7 Service Pack 1

You can obtain Microsoft Windows 7 Support Package 1 to increase your pc's security, stability and performance. Windows service features are sets of up-dates that are involved to be downloadable easier and quicker. Setting up the service pack will save you time, because some past up-dates are involved with it. It is easy to set up and shouldn't take you more than an hour.You can also read How To Repair A System32 Error In Windows 7

How to Download Windows 7 Service Pack 1  Instructions

1.Just click "Start," right-click "Computer" and then click "Properties." If you see "Service Package 1" under the "Windows Edition" area, you already have Support Package 1 set up and no further activity is necessary. If you don't see this, proceed with these actions.

2.Connect your USB hard disk to your computer to back up your files. Just click "Start," "Control Board," "System and Security" and "Backup and Recover." Just click "Set Up Back-up."

3.Adhere to the actions on display and choose your USB generate as the back-up location. Simply click "Back Up Now" and delay until the back-up finishes, which could take several hours.

4.Turn off any anti-virus or protection applications other than those from Microsoft company that are set up on your laptop or computer. These could intervene with the set up of the support package.

5.Connect in your pc's asking for wire if you are using a laptop. If you are using a Personal Computer, go to the next step. If battery power passes away during set up, this can cause problems, such as data loss.

6.Just click "Start," "Control Board," "System and Security" and "Windows Upgrade." Just click "Check for Updates" on the left of the screen.

7.Simply select the "Important Updates" choice when your computer is completed looking for available up-dates. Make sure the check box to the left of "Service Package for Microsof company Windows" is examined. Just click "OK" and "Install Updates" on the right.

8.Delay for the upgrade to be downloadable and set up. The improvement will be proven in the screen. Click "Restart Now" once set up is complete.

9.Re-enable any anti-virus programs on your pc that you impaired earlier. Just click "Start," right-click "Computer" and then click "Properties." Confirm that the set up was a success by looking for "Service Pack 1" under "Windows Version."

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