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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Is Dell Inspiron 1100 Compatible With Windows 7?

People who use computers often feel the wish to update every now and then, and the Dell Inspiron 1100 -- a laptop computer from 2003 -- is a device that is starting to show its age. If you would like to experience the features of a more contemporary os, the Inspiron 1100 satisfies the program specifications for Microsoft Windows 7. However, you are likely to find that the update process provides a problem with system motorists.You can also read How Does Windows Support Quickbooks?

Dell Inspiron 1100 Specifications

The Dell Inspiron 1100 includes an Apple Pentium 4 or Celeron processor chip with a speed of around 2.0 GHz, depending on the settings purchased. It facilitates up to 1 GB of RAM. The difficult generate dimension varies; if you have never improved the difficult generate in your Inspiron 1100, it most likely has a dimension 20 to 30 GB. The Apple Extreme Design adaptor is compatible with Microsoft DirectX 9.

Windows 7 System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 7 requires a processor speed of 1 GHz, at least 1 GB of RAM, a difficult generate with a capacity of at least 16 GB and a DirectX 9 graphics adapter. The Dell Inspiron 1100 meets these requirements if the memory is upgraded to the 1 GB maximum that the computer supports. You may also find it beneficial to upgrade the difficult generate, as little space would remain on the original difficult generate after installing Microsoft Windows 7.

Device Driver Issues

The primary issue with installing Microsoft Windows 7 on the Dell Inspiron 1100 is that the computer was made during the Windows XP era. As such, Dell has not provided Microsoft Windows 7 device motorists for this computer. Microsoft Windows 7 requires a video card with Windows Display Driver Model motorists, which are not available from Dell. If you install Microsoft Windows 7 on the Inspiron 1100 using the Windows XP display motorists, you may experience video problems.


If you cannot set up Microsoft windows 7 on your Inspiron 1100, but you want to try a more recent os that software designers are still definitely working on, try Linux program instead. If you update the RAM of the Inspiron 1100 to the highest possible of 1 GB, it satisfies the program specifications of the Ie8 Linux program submission. Ie8 is free to obtain.


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