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Monday, September 23, 2013

How To Share Folders In Windows 7

If your PC operates Microsoft Windows 7, you can discuss files by including them to one of the Community files on your PC. Other user records can accessibility the Community files as well as people on your network, if you allow Community files accessibility. It takes little time to add a directory to one of the Community files so you can discuss it with others.You can also read Windows 7 Ultimate Features

      1.Simply select the Begin key and choose "Documents" from the Begin selection. You can access your Public files here.

      2.Look to the lite to the left of the display when the "Documents" display reveals and simply click "Public" (located under the "Favorites" section). This reveals the Community directory. You can add information to the Community directory or you can add information and information to one of the sub folders within the Community directory. Some of the sub folders inside the Community directory include "Public Documents" and "Public Songs."

      3.Look to the "Libraries" area of the lite to the remaining of the "Documents" screen. You can also accessibility the Community sub folders by starting the collection directory it is in, such as "Documents" or "Music." After you start one of the collection files, double-click the Community directory, such as "Public Documents" or "Public Music" to start it.

      4.Open the directory you want to discuss with other customers who use your computer or have access your system.

      5.Click the directory you want to discuss and move it to the Community directory or Community sub folder screen you started out and fall the directory into the screen. Individuals on other user records and other those who have access to your system can now view the directory you added.

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