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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How To Remove Microsoft windows 7 Users

Windows customer accounts allow several people to use the same PC or network while maintaining their own information and configurations. If you want to remove a customer account in Microsoft Windows 7, you first need to determine whether you are on a sector or Workgroup. Home PC systems are likely on a Workgroup,and office PC systems are more likely to be part of a sector. If you are not sure, right-click "Computer" in the Start selection, and just click "Properties." The box says either "Workgroup" or "Domain." You can also read How To Share Folders In Windows 7


    Delete a User in a Workgroup

    1.Just click "Start" and "Control Board."

    2.Simply click "User Records and Family Safety," and then click "User Records."

    3.Select "Manage another consideration," and kind your security password if you are requested to.

    4.Simply select the user consideration you would like to remove, and then click "Delete the consideration."

    5.Choose "Keep Files" or "Delete Files" based on whether you want to keep or eliminate any information designed with the customer account.

    6.Just click "Delete Account."

    Delete a User on a Domain

    7.Just click "Start" and "Control Board."

    8.Just click "User Records," and then click "User Accounts" again.

    9.Choose "Manage Customer Records," and provide a security password or verification if necessary.

   10.Just click "Users for this computer" on the "Users" tab.

   11.Choose the appropriate customer name, and simply click "Remove."

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