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Friday, September 27, 2013

How To Register For A Windows 7 Product Key

Microsoft windows 7 is the 7th version of the Microsoft windows based personal computer , released in 2009. The only way to acquire a genuine Microsoft windows 7 Item Key to stimulate Microsoft windows 7 is by purchasing a copy of the operating system. There are a few different ways you can acquire an item key, based on your current installation and needs.You can also read How To Check Windows 7 To See If It Is Genuine


Windows 7 Product Key     1.Purchase a new personal computer. New PCs come with the newest edition of  Microsoft windows. These PCs generally come pre-activated,so there are no extra actions to take once you carry the new pc home. The real Item Key is usually stickered to the bottom or rear of the personal computer, if you ever have to re-install the operating system and need the Item Key.

     2.Purchase Windows 7 from a retail store. Many brick-and-mortar stores sell boxed copies of the operating-system. A DVD is including with the Windows 7 installer/upgrade setup files. The Item Key will be involved with the packaging. Directions will be involved on how to update your current operating-system to Microsoft Windows 7. You will register your copy of Microsoft Windows 7 by entering the Item Key during the installation process.

     3.Microsoft windows 7 is download from Microsoft Microsoft company is offering Microsoft windows 7 for immediate purchase and download via ISO hard drive picture. The hard drive picture is then copied to a DVD or USB drive for set up. When you purchase Microsoft windows 7 this, the Item Key is emailed to you. Similar to Step 2, the operating system is registered by entering the Item Key in during the set up process.

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