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Monday, September 2, 2013

How To Fix Cricket High Speed Internet To Work With Windows 7

The Cricket wi-fi high speed internet support features a number of high speed internet modems; however, only one of those locations supports the Microsoft Microsoft windows 7 PC platform. If you currently use the Cricket wi-fi high speed internet support and have upgraded the PC to Microsoft windows PC, you may need to change high speed internet locations to fix your high speed internet support. Installing the Cricket A600 high speed internet device will fix your Cricket high speed internet wi-fi support so it will work with Microsoft windows 7.Visit this link Windows 7 Greatest Innovative Features


How To Fix Cricket High Speed Internet To Work With Windows 7Instructions:
     1.Plug the A600 device into an open USB port on the Windows seven computer. Simply select the "Start" button on the Windows seven desktop computer and double-click the "A600CD" drive symbol. Double-click on the "setupdrv.exe" file.

     2.Simply select the "Next" button in the set up window that appears. Just click "Next" to accept the default program shortcut locations. Just click "Next" to confirm set up.

     3.Click "Close" once the device motorists have finished set up.

     4.Just click "Next" when the "Install Expert for Cricket EVDO Modem" appears and then click "Finish" once the set up finishes.

     5.Locate the "Cricket Broadband" symbol on the computer desktop computer and double-click on it. Just click "Connect" in the window that appears and select the "Yes" key to stimulate the device. Just click "Yes" to totally reset the device.

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