How To Find Your IP Address with In Windows 7

Your Online Method deal with is a set of figures allocated to your personal computer when it accesses the Online. It's hardly ever necessary to know what your IP deal with is; however, there are times when you must. For example, if you are internet hosting a personal computer multi-player game, you must give other gamers your IP deal with so they can get connected to your personal computer. When using Microsoft Windows 7, there are two ways you can find your IP address through the control immediate or through the System and Discussing Center.You can also read How To Register For A Windows 7 Product Key

How To Find Your IP Address with In Windows 7 


    Using the Command Prompt
    1.Open the Start selection and just click "All Applications."

    2.Simply click "Accessories."

    3.Simply click "Command Prompt" to open the control immediate screen.

    4.Type "ipconfig" into the control immediate and media "Enter." The Windows IP Settings information shows on-screen. Your IP Address with is the set of  figures detailed next to IPv4.

   Using the Network and Sharing Center 
    5.Simply click the system relationship symbol situated in your taskbar next to the system time.

    6.Click "Open System and Discussing Middle."

    7.Just click "Local Area Connection" to perspective the IP address if you are on a wired relationship. If you are on a wi-fi relationship, click "Wireless System Connection." Both choices are in the "View Your Effective Networks" area next to "Connections."

    8.Just click "Details" in the "Connection" area, and discover your IP Address with next to the IPv4 access in the record.


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