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Thursday, September 26, 2013

How To Check Windows 7 To See If It Is Genuine

If you buy Microsoft windows 7 from a reliable store, you can be reasonably certain that the os set up on your computer is authentic Microsoft company application that is effectively certified and completely reinforced by the company. However, if you obtain Microsoft company windows through a third celebration, you may be less certain about its source and whether or not Microsoft company will assistance the application. Luckily, you can use a Web-based device to easily check out your program and figure out if it satisfies Windows Genuine Microsoft windows 7 specifications. Once you know where to look, the procedure requires only a few moments.You can also read The Minimum Requirements For Windows 7 Home Premium


    1.Open a web browser window and go to the approval page on the Authentic Microsoft Software website.

    2.Simply click the "Download" switch.

    3.Save the approval program to your desktop when persuaded by your web browser.

    4.Leave your web browser open, then go to your desktop.

    5.Double-click the symbol of the approval program you downloadable in the past step. Validate your choice when persuaded by Windows. The set up process starts instantly and usually takes less than two moments to complete.

    6.Simply select the "Close" key once the "Installation succeeded" concept seems to be on your display.

    7.Return to the open web browser window and click the "Continue" key. A "Welcome to Windows!" concept will appear on your screen within a few seconds if the Windows 7 software set up on your computer is a authentic Windows product.

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