Resolution of Windows 7 major & Common Problems

Friday, August 30, 2013

Windows 7 Greatest Innovative Features

Microsoft windows 7 has met with a much better reception than its forerunner, Microsoft Windows vista, likely because Microsoft heard customers and fixed the elements customers had problems with in Windows vista. Of course, the user interface is still mostly the same in Microsoft windows 7, including some of the frustrating security pop-ups. Like Windows vista, Microsoft windows 7 also comes in several versions with varying feature levels. Microsoft windows 7 Greatest is the most effective version, as it includes several functions not found in the lower versions, and the advanced functions offered in Microsoft windows 7 Greatest may make even the most dedicated Microsoft windows XP customer consider switching.Visit this link How To Add A USB Four-Port Hub To Windows 7

Bitlocker and Bitlocker to Go

Windows 7 Greatest Innovative FeaturesBitlocker in an security program that can be used to protected hard pushes and categories on a Windows seven Greatest system. To be able to access or decrypt the information, the customer must provide a security password. To be able to protected a generate, the customer just has to right-click on the generate or partition, choose "Turn on Bitlocker" from the drop-down selection, and choose an open up method. Bitlocker is involved only in the Greatest and Business versions of Windows 7, which will cause problems if you protected a convenient generate and try to use it one of the lower level


For many distant employees, who have to mange (or lose) protection wedding party that accomplish Exclusive Private System (VPN) having access to their workplaces, DirectAccess is a welcome function. DirectAccess uses IP Edition 6 (IPv6) and IPsec to secure a interaction weblink over the Internet from the distant employee to the DirectAccess server. DirectAccess assistance needs Windows Server 2008 on the office side of the weblink.

Full Milti-language Support

Windows 7 allows for assistance and use of multiple 'languages' on the same computer, significance you can even work in two 'languages' at the same time on the same machine. This is a blessing for assistance employees, who can create a single image of the Windows 7 OS, and set up it to their workplaces around the world, saving the company money on customer assistance.


AppLocker allows system directors to use Team Plan to specify which programs each customer is permitted to run. AppLocker uses "publisher rules" based on the digital trademark of an program to develop concept places that handle several editions of an program, while still enabling for up-dates to those editions. As with the full terminology assistance function above, AppLocker can considerably decrease assistance expenses and certification expenses.

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