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Saturday, August 17, 2013

What Is Windows 7 Professional?

Windows 7 OS is available in four versions in the United States: Beginner, Home Premium, Expert and Ultimate. Each edition of the OS includes all of the functions of the less expensive versions along with several other functions. Windows 7 Expert contains virtually every feature a user needs in an OS.Visit this link Windows 7 Debugging Tools

What Is Windows 7 Professional?

Basic Windows 7 Features

Windows 7 Professional contains all of the features that are available in Windows Home Premium and Windows Starter editions. Like Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional uses the Windows Aero interface for convenient multitasking and desktop organization. It also includes Windows Press Player 12, Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Press Center along with system maintenance and configuration tools. All versions of Windows 7 also support homegroup social networking, which simplifies the process of social networking several computers together to share documents, media and devices.


Although all editions of Windows 7 can run individual programs in compatibility method for older operating systems, only Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate editions support Windows XP method. Windows XP method runs a virtual version of a computer running Windows XP within Windows 7. This allows for nearly perfect emulation of a Windows XP system and the best possible compatibility with older programs and files.


Windows 7 Expert also includes a number of advanced social networking features that are not available in Windows 7 Starter or Home Premium editions. Windows 7 Expert edition and Windows seven Ultimate are the only versions of Windows 7 that can join domains, for greater social networking flexibility than homegroups or workgroups. Windows 7 Expert also keeps track of your computer's current system to automatically select and print from your default printer on the current system. Expert can also back-up files over a system as part of its back-up and restore process.

Remote Desktop

Windows 7 Expert and Greatest editions can connect to other Windows PCs over a distant desktop pc connection. Remote desktop pc connections allow a pc running Expert or Greatest to view and control another pc over the Internet. This is a useful technology for diagnosing and fixing problems on other computers.

Anytime Upgrade

All versions of Windows 7, with the exception of Ultimate, support Windows At any time Update. At any time Update allows you to purchase upgrading program code to improve your current version of Windows 7 to a better version. All of the necessary programs and files for upgrading are already installed on your computer, so all you have to do is enter your upgrade program code and your computer will automatically upgrade to a new version of Windows 7.

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