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Thursday, August 8, 2013

How To Turn Off Windows Help & Support

Windows has a built-in "Help & Support" function that allows it to provide beginning customers with thoughts. Windows instantly begins these functions using a Assistance every time the computer is kicked. Services can use up sources and CPU power if they are running, even if you are not currently using their functions. If you are a high level or innovative user who does not need the "Help & Support" functions of the Windows based pc, you can turn off them by limiting the service that instantly begins them.visit this link
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How To Turn Off Windows Help & SupportInstructions:

        1.Start the Start selection. Simply simply click "Run" and get into "services.msc" into the "Open" discussion box. Media "OK."
        2.Identify the Assistance known as "Help and Support" in the right side of the screen. Dual simply click the service.

        3.Set the "Startup type" to "Disabled" with the appropriate stereo key. Media "OK."
        4.Close all keep the windows open and restart the computer to put the changes into effect.


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