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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How To Turn Off Sound Acceleration In Windows 7

Audio speeding settings provide you with more advanced sound options such as surround. You must have a reinforced sound cards and speakers to enable and turn off sound speeding. If your cards supports speeding, limiting the feature speeds up your PC and allows you repair sound issues with your PC. It also allows speed up your PC if its memory resources are low.Visit this link Computer Hard Drive Requirements For Windows 7

How To Turn Off Sound Acceleration In Windows 7Instructions:

       1.Right-click the presenter symbol in your Windows system plate and choose "Playback Gadgets." This selection option reveals sound cards and sound system on your computer.

       2.Simply select the audio cards you want to set up. At the bottom of the audio cards list, select the "Properties" key to open the main audio cards information.

       3.Eliminate the check indicate next to "Acceleration" to turn off the function. Just click "OK" to save the configurations. Restart the computer for the configurations to take impact.

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