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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How To Play 32-Bit Games On 64-Bit Windows 7

With each new edition of Windows, changes are made that may make some application mismatched. If you're trying to play an mature game on Windows seven 64-bit but are having issues getting it to run, Windows provides a special interface method for mature application.visit this link How To Add Support For Multiple Processors In Windows 7

How To Play 32-Bit Games On 64-Bit Windows 7


        1.Right-click the mission's symbol and choose "Troubleshoot Compatibility" and then "Troubleshoot System."
        2.Adhere to the encourages of the System Interface troubleshooter, responding to its concerns. It requests you to explain exactly how the experience is broken and for which edition of Windows it was developed.
        3.Simply select the "Start the Program" key to see if the experience now operates properly, and then click "Next." If the experience now operates properly, choose "Yes, Save These Configurations." Otherwise, choose "No, Try Again Using Different Settings" to run the troubleshooter again

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