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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How To Connect My Windows XP And Windows 7 Computers Together On A Wireless Network

Computer systems that are connected to the same wireless system can connect to one another through the property social media options in Windows. Although Windows XP and Windows 7 use different methods to set up house social media, as long as both computers use the same system name and have discussing enabled, the computers can share file collections and system devices with one another while online.
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How To Connect My Windows XP And Windows 7 Computers Together On A Wireless Network 


        1.Log in to Windows 7, then sign on to the wi-fi program.just click "Start," then click "Control Board."
        2.just Type "home" into the search box, then click "select homegroup and discussing options."

        3.Check the box next to "Pictures," "Music," "Videos," "Documents" or "Printers" to discuss the files or devices with the Windows XP pc.
        4.Click "Change advanced discussing configurations..." Just click "Turn on program discovery," "Turn on file and printer sharing" and "Turn on password protected discussing." Just click "Save changes."
        5.Click "Control Panel" on the address bar to return to the main page. Just click "System." Scroll to "Computer name, domain and workgroup settings" to view the name of the workgroup.
        6.Sign in to the Windows XP pc and log on to the wi-fi program. Just click "Start." Just click "Run." Get into "sysdm.cpl" into the dialog box. Just click "OK" to open "System Qualities."
        7.Click the "Computer Name" tab. Simply choose the "Change" button. Get into the name of the Windows 7 homegroup into the "Workgroup" field.
        8.Click "OK" to close the "Computer Name Changes" window, then click "OK" to close the "System Properties" window. Restart the pc.
        9.Click "Start." Just click "My Computer." Just click "Tools," then click "Folder Options." Just click "View" and examine the box next to "Use simple file discussing." Just click "OK."
       10.Right-click a directory to discuss with Windows 7. Select "Sharing and Security..." from the context menu. Simply choose the "Sharing" tab.
       11.Check "Share this directory on the program." Just click "OK." Repeat the step for any other user folders you want to discuss with Windows 7.

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