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Monday, August 19, 2013

Computer Hard Drive Requirements For Windows 7

For those looking to update to a newer os for their computer, Microsoft's Windows seven OS is one of the more recent offerings on the market as of 2011. Windows seven provides some new features for Windows veterans and addresses many compatibility issues in the previous Windows Vista os. If you feel due for an update, first inspect whether or not your computer can handle the hard drive and processor requirements of a Windows seven installation.Visit this link What Is Windows 7 Professional?
Computer Hard Drive Requirements For Windows 7

Microsoft windows 7 is the latest os launched by Microsoft. It was published in 2009 and replaced the Microsoft windows Windows vista OS. Much of Microsoft windows 7's emphasis is on dealing with problems, such as interface issues, that popped up in Windows vista, not providing a complete upgrade of the OS.

Hard Drive Space

The amount of hard drive space required to install the Microsoft windows 7 operating system depends on the type of Microsoft windows 7 installation. The 32-bit version of Microsoft windows seven requires 16GB of hard drive space; the 64-bit version requires 20GB.

Processor Speed

Hard drive space isn't the only consideration. Windows 7 needs a computer with a 1 gigahertz processer and 1GB of RAM for the 32-bit edition. The 64-bit edition needs a 1 GHz processer and 2GB of RAM.
Other Considerations

Other Considerations

More computer systems today offer processors with multiple cores. The Windows 7 32-bit edition can support a processer with up to 32 processer cores. The 64-bit edition can support computer systems with up to 256 processer cores.

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