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Monday, September 10, 2012

How to close background programs on windows 7

We all get annoyed by background programs on windows 7. Finishing applications managing in the back drop on your pc can free up sources for your other applications. It can be the reason of windows 7 freezes. This can manage issues where your program is managing gradually or two applications are trying to use the same system. It can also help you figure out if there is an issue with third-party program that's managing on your program. Here are some tips:-

Here we go with tips:

1- If you  want to disable background programs for temporarily then you should perform this step:-

Make a right click on the program's icon in the system tray (near the clock), and choose Close, Exit, or Disable.

2- The second option is to restart your computer in selective startup. To do this you have to make below procedure.

Remember you must perform these steps when you need troubleshooting. First check if a background program is responsible for the problem, then you should run the System Configuration Utility again and select Normal Startup.

• Click the Window button
• Search for MSCONFIG.
• Double-click MSCONFIG.EXE.
• From the General tab, check Selective Startup.
• Uncheck Load Startup Items.
• Click Apply, and then Close.
• Now restart your computer.

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