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Friday, August 31, 2012

Windows 7 running slow after update

If you are finding that windows 7 is running very slow even after updating it, then let me tell you are not alone. This issue is being faced by many users of windows 7. Generally we try many tips and tricks to make windows 7 works faster but nothing works at all. There may be many reasons behind this problem like:-

Installing too many programs or software in your hard drive which take up more system resource, some programs like antivirus make your system too slow because it also take up a lot of space.

Heavy programs, games applications, Malware, adware and invalid registry entries are also responsible for Windows 7 slow running.

Here are some tips that can help you:-

1. First of all you must remove all the useless programs and software in your system, so that you system can have some space.

2. Make sure you delete all the registry files in order to completely remove a program. You need to run a registry scan after uninstall the applications.

3. If the antivirus program in your system is making your windows 7 slow then you should change it by downloading another good program.

4. To avoid being infected with any unnecessary applications which contain adware or malware, you must review the software carefully while installing it in your system.

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