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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Repair Windows 7 Registry Errors

Recently when I started my system, I got a problem of registry errors. Somehow I managed to work on my computer. Fixing Windows 7 registry errors is an important part of keeping your system in good condition and avoiding windows 7 slow running. If you face any problems within the registry, it's important to resolve them quickly otherwise it causes the issues like windows 7 start up problem and windows 7 freezing issue. Here are some tips that can help you:-

You must maintain back up your registry. You can do this by using System Restore. Here's how to backup your registry:

1. Click Start.

2. Go to System Tools.

3. Now click System Restore.

5. Select your restore point.

6. Click Next.

7. Click Finish.

Another way of backup your registry is:-

• Click Start.

• Type "regedit" in the Search box.

• In the top menu bar, select File

• Click Export

• Now you need to choose the destination location for the backup files. Make sure you click the "All" option within the Export Range option.

• Click Save

The most effective way to repair your registry is by downloading a registry cleaner.

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