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Friday, August 30, 2013

How To Add A USB Four-Port Hub To Windows 7

Three or four pre-installed USB slots is sometimes not enough to provide the add-ons you need to get connected to your PC. You can fix that problem by including a four-port USB hub. The hub will allow you to link four additional USB reinforced gadgets to a PC. Four-port USB locations are plug-and-play by characteristics, so there is no special set up required to use the product with the Windows 7 OS.Visit this link How to Remove Windows 7 Boot Manager

How To Add A USB Four-Port Hub To Windows 7Instructions:

    1.Power on the computer and free up a USB slot. Hit the "Safely eliminate hardware" symbol in the Microsoft windows 7 process bar. This will closed down the product.Take away the product from the slot when persuaded.

    2.Connect the USB hub to the energy store. This is not necessary for all four-port USB locations. Many locations are operated from the relationship to the PC.

    3.Place the USB connect from the four-port USB hub into the USB slot on the PC. Allow Windows seven to identify the hub and set up the necessary motorists to set up the USB slots in the hub.

    4.Link add-ons, such as a mouse, mp3 player or digicam, to the slots on the SB hub.

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