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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Windows 7 Support Tools

For the system using persons, the launching of Windows 7 gives you the much known functionality of previous version with a new user interface. Computer System bug is very likely to occur, in-built supporting tool is always provided with a good operating system. Windows 7 is an excellent option which have old best feature with many unique technology like new notification etc.

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Windows 7 support tools
 Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter

  •It facilitates old version best features for the system performance like Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter to delete the unwanted files and also synchronize the files for the better memory management. Cleanup system tool scans your drive to delete temporary files and compress the old files. Defragmenter searches to defragment files, it means, here files are arrange in such a way to use disk space efficiently. By managing this files, it helps the system to perform better in the terms of performance.


  •The most horrible thing in using the system is a risk of crashing which can lead to loss of valuable information files. Windows Backup make the copies of all the files automatically as  per user scheduled the setting to create it. Preferably, backup files are stored in an external hard drive or in a local storage device.

DirectX Diagnostics

  •DirectX is a graphics application to support multimedia documents such as media or video or audio streaming files. Occasionally, DirectX needs updation. The dxdiag.exe application is the troubleshooting software that monitors the installed version of DirectX for any errors.

Problem Steps Recorder

  •When you go for the option of getting help from technical experts, then it becomes hard to explain how the issues aroused in the system. Once this is enabled, Problem Steps Recorder(psr.exe)  records all the commands that you executed along with the screen shots, also with the screen shots of the steps.

Action Center

  •Action Center function is directly fetched from the task bar, this gives effortless administration for Windows software updates, driver issues and other management issues. The Action Center will sends you a warning message if there is some security threat in the system or if the system needs any updation.

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