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Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Change File Associations in Windows 7

Have you ever gone for the option to double-click on a system file only to discover it always reveals in the incompatible software program? It happens occasionally, when you install software in your system, it will silently modify the same type file on the new installed software. It may be the case also that you wish to open a file in another software application instance. Windows 7 supports file association information in the registry. Previous version of The Windows Operating System didn’t support this facility. But in Windows7, you can do it very easily and even you can modify the default program too.Tou can also read How to Repair the MBR on Windows 7.

Change the File Association in Windows 7Instructions:

  1.Click on the “Start” button on the screen and click on the “Default Programs” shortcut. Now click on the “Set Associations” option.

  2.Now search for the file that you want to take it as default program and select it.

  3.Click on the “Change program” option. Select the application you want to open the specific file in. If the application is not showing on the list, then click on the option “Browse” to get it the desired application. Click “Ok” to make it application associated with the file.

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