Windows 7 Blue Screen Fixes

I generally come across this issue of 'blue screen of death’ in my windows 7. I think most of the computer users have faced this very scary problem in windows 7. In this problem your system gets a major crash and freezes all the activities in your computer.  In my earlier post I talked about Eliminating Windows Errors and Make Your Computer Faster. Here I will share some tips of fixing this blue screen issue. There may be many reasons of this blue screen error. Some of them can be fixed by malware, adware, corrupt or incompatible software or hardware problems.

Note: - Before following the steps below, I do not recommend you doing this unless you are comfortable editing the Computer Settings. I will not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your PC after editing the settings by following the steps below. You proceed at your own risk or may take help Windows 7 Expert at +1-855-207-5444 (Toll Free)
Overheating of the PC is also responsible for the Windows 7 blue screen of death. So you must check that the fan system of the computer is working properly or not.
 You should add some random access memory to the computer. It can also help to fix windows 7 blue screen of death because this error often appears when the users are using more RAM than the system possesses.
Inappropriate entries in the windows registry can also be the reason for such blue screen of death error. So it is important to clean those corrupt registry files if it contains any error.


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